Our Services

Is there a book you would like to publish but you are having trouble with the layout?

Does the centrepiece for your new photo book have flecks and scratches?

Are you uncertain of your ability to work with modern publishing methods such as print-on-demand?

H&S Times Publishing offers an assortment of micro-publishing options and packages to meet your needs. We can fix that one photo for you or take you all the way.

Fee Schedule

Graphic design$75 per hour
Editing$50 per page or quoted individually
Writing$100 per hour
Ghost Writing$50,000.00 per year + 10% royalties
Photography$80 per session
Photo Manipulation$50 per photo or by individual estimate
IllustrationQuotes on a per-illustration basis
Publishing of prepared materials using print-on-demand or local printer$100
Consulting: Design, Best course of action for your budgetQuoted individually
Manage book's online presence for one month after publication$50
Full publishing packageWatch for specials

Questions and Quotations

Quotations for your particular product are available on request and we welcome questions via the contact form below. To protect against spam we do not publish our Skype address. However, if you would like to provide your Skype address, we would be happy to call back.

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