Derek Mackay

D. C. Mackay is an environmental visionary and inventor. He was born in Aberdeen Scotland on Friday, May 13th, 1938. At age three, he and his seven-year-old sister were taken from a bomb shelter and moved into the country-side. At age seven, Derek was separated from his sister to be moved to a new location. There, he encountered years of abuse and neglect, and suffered from malnutrition. At age seventeen, government officials informed him that when he turned 18 he would be shipped to Canada, as all his family were dead. One month after his 18th birthday, in 1956, Derek arrived on Sea Island, British Columbia. Derek is still living in Canada, now a father of 8 grown children. He is currently working on a movie based on his book, "Secrets of the 3rd Theory". Derek believes that his background lends authenticity to the message the movie will portray, which is a call for peace.

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